Water Damage Photo Gallery

Professional Drying Equipment placed in hotel room to  mitigate water damage

SERVPRO of Ocala professional drying equipment

No matter the size of the facility affected by water damage, SERVPRO of Ocala can and will respond with any type of professional drying equipment to mitigate the damage. We have over 40 years of water damage experience and have managed all types of room sizes and shapes. Our trained SERVPRO professionals know when to place the equipment, how to place the equipment and how many types of drying equipment to set up to dry out your building safe and fast! We monitor the equipment everyday to make sure we are reaching maximum drying performance. Would you like to know more about the Science of Drying? call today and ask for one of our SERVPRO professionals. 352-732-6630 We are always happy to help and ready for whatever happens.

Thermal Imaging used by SERVPRO of Ocala Professional

SERVPRO of Ocala's owner, Greg Williams is seen here using a Thermal Imaging Camera to detect the difference in temperature in this glued down carpet. Once our drying equipment is in place and running, there is still the need to check every day to make sure the drying results are being achieved.

In decades past, the best way to find moisture in a home or commercial facility was to rip into drywall or to pull back flooring. This, of course, was an invasive way to find leaks and standing water. Today, SERVPRO of Ocala professionals can often use an infrared camera for water leak detection. Thermal imaging is basically using a tool to detect slight temperature differentials inside or outside of a home or business. The infrared camera used for thermal imaging creates a visual map that allows the user to pinpoint the exact location of leaks and moisture.

Water Damage from Fire Next Door-Ocala, FL

This cell phone store suffered water damage to their showroom and storage room when a fire broke out next door in a nail salon store. This can sometimes be the after effects of a fire even when its not directly related to your building. SERVPRO of Ocala was glad to help in the dry out and deodorizing of their store. Everyone was thankful for the quick response of our local fire department keeping the fire contained. We salute our brave men and women of the First Responders in our community.

Damaged Floors due to Water Intrusion in Summerfield, FL

These hard wood floors can be seen buckled and discolored because of a leaking pipe in the wall. Yet there was no indication that the pipe was leaking until the floors began to buckle. The homeowner was unaware of any water intrusion going on. This is one reason it is so important to call out SERVPRO of Ocala and let the professionals find the water that is hidden. It's the water that Can't be seen or felt that can cause damage unexpectedly. Notice as well please the green "air scrubber" and the spray applicator. The scrubber is keeping the air clean of dust particles as the crew was cutting out the dry wall and the soon to be removed flooring. The sprayer is filled with a safe botanical Anti-microbial. This spray will help disinfect the area that has been damaged by the unseen water.  

Water Line can cause Big Problems, Ocala FL

The photo shows what can happen when a simple water line to a sink in this hair salon broke. SERVPRO of Ocala crews responded and cleared out the contents in this hair salon after a water line to a sink failed. Of course water damage is never good but its even worse after hours when no one is around to shut off the water. Even though the floors are concrete, the water ran a long time covering the area and saturating the drywall. Furniture, rugs, etc. can be damaged by water in businesses and homes. Its important to respond as quickly as possible to begin the extraction and get the water out! SERVPRO of Ocala has 24/7 live consultants on call to ask the right questions and dispatch out our crews.

Large Water Damage-City Of Ocala, FL

The City of Ocala's Water Resources Building flooded due to a pipe break. SERVPRO of Ocala was called and responded quickly. Over 6000 sq ft was effected by the water which impacted over 25 rooms. 128 Air Movers placed and 15 Commercial Dehumidifiers. Within hours the SERVPRO Crews had material removed that needed to be and the equipment placed. The photo you see is only a small portion of the damaged building. 

The Waterfront Inn Water Damage, The Villages FL

A shower overflowed on the top floor of this beautiful Hotel located at Lake Sumter Landing square-The Villages, Floridacausing damaged to all 4 floors. Ceilings gave way to the amount of water andmultiple rooms, hallways even the 1st floor kitchen and pool baths were affected. SERVPRO of Ocala arrived within 30minutes of the call. Crews begin the emergency water mitigation services and within hours all areas that suffereddamages where being stabilized.8 days later Ms. Kitt, General Manager for the Hotel signed the SERVPRO Certificate of Satisfaction. SERVPRO of Ocala is very proud of all our Crew Chiefs, Technicians and Jacob Cox, Project Manager who guided crew, Hotel Managementalong with Insurance Professionals to asuccessful outcome.