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SERVPRO of Ocala Thanksgiving Safety Tips (Prevent Fires!)

10/31/2017 (Permalink)

General SERVPRO of Ocala Thanksgiving Safety Tips (Prevent Fires!) Keep Your Family Safe This Thanksgiving

SERVPRO of Ocala Thanksgiving safety tips to prevent house fires.

  • Check food regularly while cooking and remain in the home while cooking and use a timer as a reminder that the stove or oven is on.
  • Keep the kids away from the cooking area. Enforce a "kid-free zone" and make them stay at least three feet away from the stove.
  • Keep anything that can catch fire (pot holders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, food packaging, and towels or curtains) away from the stove, oven or any other appliance in the kitchen that generates heat.
  • Clean cooking surfaces on a regular basis to prevent grease buildup.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher to keep in the kitchen. Contact Ocala Fire Rescue to take training on the proper use of extinguishers.
  • Always check the kitchen before going to bed or leaving the home to make sure all stoves, ovens and small appliances are turned off.
  • Install a smoke alarm near the kitchen, on each level of the home, near sleeping areas and inside and outside bedrooms. Use the test button to check it each month. Replace all batteries at least once a year.
  • Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at SERVPRO of Ocala

Biohazard-Sewage Backup

8/25/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard-Sewage Backup Sewage Backup is a Biohazard Problem!

Sewage may contain biohazards that can have negative effects on human beings through skin contact and inhalation process. Sewage backflow can result in following major epidemics:
• Hepatitis• Dermatitis• Allergic Diseases           
• Kidney Damages
• Problems in liver and blood vessels
• Skin and Eye Infections


1. Start with keeping children and pets out of the affected area.

2. Avoid contact with skin, open cuts or sores.

3. Wash hands frequently.

4. Launder cloths ASAP if you suspect they have been contaminated.

5. Avoid breathing airborne Microorganisms.

6. DO NOT use a home vacuum cleaner to try and pick up solids.

7. Call in the Pros. SERVPRO of Ocala professionals will do the sewage cleanup work for you—pump out and wipe up the gunk, deodorize, and sanitize. Restore carpets and floors, if possible. Equipment they’ll use includes air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. Using meters and thermal cameras to make sure no moisture and contaminates were missed thus preventing mold. "Serving our community since 1974"


2017 Healthcare Facilities Disaster Summit

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mike Webb with SERVPRO of Ocala was invited to give an educational talk regarding the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan for commercial facilities. The event was the 2017 Healthcare Facilities Disaster Summit held at the Marion County Emergency Command Center, Ocala Fl. The turnout was great with attendees coming for Marion, Alachua and Putnam counties. The summit centered around Healthcare Facilities such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospice centers, Assisted Living, Rehab facilities, Etc. and their emergency plans should the counties undergo a major storm that would interrupt their operations. Also local damage like severe water damage, fire or flooding. Mike's talk concerning the SERVPRO ERP or Emergency Ready Plan App available to download for smart devices was a huge success. Facility professionals have already begun scheduling Mike to visit their operations and develop the No Cost ERP app. Please call our SERVPRO of Ocala office 352-732-6630 and ask to speak to Mike to get your facility's ERP plan in place and ready to use in the event of a disaster.

Ocala Florida-Celebrate Summer Safely

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Community Ocala Florida-Celebrate Summer Safely Please have a "Damage Free Summer"

Summer is synonymous with Barbecues, parades and Fireworks! Your Local SERVPRO of Ocala professional want you to have an enjoyable and Safe Summer. Consider the following tips to ensure your summer celebrations are "Disaster Free"

1. BBQ grills should only be used outdoors.

2. The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanding tree branches.

3. NEVER leave your grill while cooking, Unattended

4. Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear

5. Do Not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks. Keep a bucket of water nearby to extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire.

6. Children should Never pick up fireworks that may be left over as they may still be active

Fireworks cause an average of almost 20,000 reported fires per year. Be safe and have a happy summer. Your friends at SERVPRO of Ocala is ready 24/7 to help if needed.

Extreme HEAT-Safety Tips from SERVPRO of Ocala

6/15/2017 (Permalink)

General Extreme HEAT-Safety Tips from SERVPRO of Ocala SERVPRO of Ocala HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Services

As summer approaches here in Marion County and surrounding areas, its time to consider safety precautions for extreme heat.

* Install window air conditioners snugly; insulate if necessary.

* Check air-conditioning ducts for proper insulation.

* Install temporary window reflectors (used between windows and drapes) such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard, to reflect heat back outside.

* Weather-strip doors and sills to jeep cool air in.

* Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun with frapes, shades, awnings, or lovers. Outdoor awnings or lovers can reduce the heat that enter a home by up to 80 percent.

* Keep storm windows up all year.

Your friends at SERVPRO of Ocala are here to help with the functionality of your HVAC systems by offering free inspections and estimates to clean your HVAC & Air Ducts.

SERVPRO of Ocala Moisture Inspection Services

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Building Services SERVPRO of Ocala Moisture Inspection Services photo of suspected moisture in the ceiling of this home from roof damage.

SERVPRO of Ocala is happy to help our customers find and solve problems. One service we provide is Moisture Inspection. Here  are a few tools we use to do just that.

1. Visual or using our eyeballs

Visual inspection is an integral part of every inspection we perform. SERVPRO of Ocala trained professionals have the experience and have seen the signs of water intrusion many times. While a visual survey will help identify where problems may exist, it won’t tell you if there is moisture in the walls. A probe test is still required to accurately measure moisture levels and determine if cracks or stains are symptoms of trouble lurking.

2. Protimeter or Moisture Meter

The protimeter is the only tool that accurately measures moisture content in materials. Depending on what we are assessing, we can probe from the exterior or interior through two very small holes, which we will seal up with a color matching caulk. Unless you know we were there, you won’t know we were there, but we will be able to tell you what moisture levels you have in your home. Probing also allows us to perform a damage assessment of the materials – critical in determining the need for our water drying services and in developing a scope of necessary repairs.

3. Hygrometer

We can measure with a hygrometer to determine if humidity is the culprit behind your grief. This is also the primary tool in our holster when conducting concrete slab relative humidity (RH) testing.

4. Infrared Camera (see photo)

These thermal imaging devices are, hands down, the best way to find insulation voids in walls and attic spaces that can lead to condensation and damage.

SERVPRO of Ocala is here to help. Call us today if you suspect you have a moisture problem.    (352)732-6630

Mold Mitigation & Remediation Process

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Mitigation & Remediation Process Call SERVPRO of Ocala for all your Mold problems, Big or small.

When there is water intrusion mold can quickly become a problem. Mold can affect your health and cause damage to your property. The following steps illustrate a "typical" mold removal process.

1. Call SERVPRO of Ocala

2. SERVPRO of Ocala will Inspect and give an assessment

3. SERVPRO of Ocala will set up Mold Containment

4. Air Filtration will be employed

5.SERVPRO of Ocala will remove mold and mold-infested materials

6. Cleaning and Sanitizing Contents and Belongings

7. Restoration and if needed reconstruction by SERVPRO of Ocala

Your local SERVPRO of Ocala professionals understands mold and mold growth and have the training and equipment to remediate mold in your home or business.

SERVPRO of Ocala presents our Christmas Album of Songs

12/21/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Ocala is constantly looking to share our story and services with our clients and show appreciation at the same time. This CD of Christmas songs was an idea of Mike Webb, SERVPRO fo Ocala marketing manager. Mike who has had the opportunity to be in the music industry professionally as singer, songwriter thought our gift of Christmas joy in song would be a wonderful way of thanking our clients, family and friends for supporting our local SERVPRO of Ocala franchise. Mike produced the album and recorded it over a period of two months in his home studio. So far the reception and comments have been positive with many being delighted to hear some of their favorite Christmas songs. The best part is getting to share the magic of this special time with all our SERVPRO clients in person. Merry Christmas from your friends at SERVPRO of Ocala!

SERVPRO of Ocala helps Crystal River after flooding

9/12/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO of Ocala helps Crystal River after flooding Flooding and wind damage in Crystal River Florida. September 2016

This photos show just a portion of the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine. SERVPRO of Ocala has been in the area helping residence since Friday September 2nd 2016 Local insurance agents and adjusters have been in contact with SERVPRO of Ocala asking for our help to get homes and commercial building restored. Many local Crystal River residents have used SERVPRO fo Ocala over the years and many have heard of our Franchise because we have been in the area for over 40 years! Our crews have been working day and night because of the horrific damage caused by the rain and storm surge. One local large retreat and dive shop was almost completely shut down but our crews responded so fast with temp. walls and drying EQ that they did not have to cancel reservations nor close the restaurant.

HDG Hotel Group likes SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan

8/23/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Ocala has begin to develop the ERP for all hotels located in Florida with the help of other Florida SERVPRO Franchises. These hotels are owned and managed by HDG Hotel Group located in in Ocala, FL. Mike Webb, Marketing Manager/Consultant for SERVPRO of Ocala says "its great to meet such a progressive and forward thinking company as HDG that recognizes the advantages of having an SERVPRO ERP on all their facilities" The General Managers and facilities managers were all receptive and willing to learn all they could about the SERVPRO ERP. HDG is even willing to let SERVPRO of Ocala host a class to better train and inform the facility managers how to take care of small water damages and look out for potential risk to their facilities.