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SERVPRO of Ocala Moisture Inspection Services

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Building Services SERVPRO of Ocala Moisture Inspection Services photo of suspected moisture in the ceiling of this home from roof damage.

SERVPRO of Ocala is happy to help our customers find and solve problems. One service we provide is Moisture Inspection. Here  are a few tools we use to do just that.

1. Visual or using our eyeballs

Visual inspection is an integral part of every inspection we perform. SERVPRO of Ocala trained professionals have the experience and have seen the signs of water intrusion many times. While a visual survey will help identify where problems may exist, it won’t tell you if there is moisture in the walls. A probe test is still required to accurately measure moisture levels and determine if cracks or stains are symptoms of trouble lurking.

2. Protimeter or Moisture Meter

The protimeter is the only tool that accurately measures moisture content in materials. Depending on what we are assessing, we can probe from the exterior or interior through two very small holes, which we will seal up with a color matching caulk. Unless you know we were there, you won’t know we were there, but we will be able to tell you what moisture levels you have in your home. Probing also allows us to perform a damage assessment of the materials – critical in determining the need for our water drying services and in developing a scope of necessary repairs.

3. Hygrometer

We can measure with a hygrometer to determine if humidity is the culprit behind your grief. This is also the primary tool in our holster when conducting concrete slab relative humidity (RH) testing.

4. Infrared Camera (see photo)

These thermal imaging devices are, hands down, the best way to find insulation voids in walls and attic spaces that can lead to condensation and damage.

SERVPRO of Ocala is here to help. Call us today if you suspect you have a moisture problem.    (352)732-6630